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Dividing Businesses, Investments and Real Property in Divorce

In the complex world of divorce, high asset cases in Indiana present a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As attorneys focusing in family law at Dixon & Moseley, P.C., we've seen the impact a well-navigated divorce can have on the future well-being of all involved parties. High asset divorces aren't just about large sums of money or property; they're about carefully untangling years of joint financial and emotional investment. Ensuring a fair settlement is paramount, not only to adhere to the legal process but also to safeguard the interests of both parties.


Identifying and valuing assets

At the core of these cases are the assets. High asset divorces in Indiana often involve complex portfolios including real estate, investments, business interests and perhaps international assets. The key first step is accurate asset valuation, which typically will require the expertise of professional appraisers and financial experts. A significant challenge is the identification of hidden or undervalued assets, a task where forensic accountants often play a crucial role.  We have worked closely with these experts to determine the values and division of these key assets in the marital estate.


Indiana Divorce Law and Asset Division

Indiana has a presumption of 50/50 division, although there are reasons for deviation.  The division is required to be fair, even if it is not exactly equal.  This is where the concept of “fairness” becomes subjective. Courts consider various factors, including each party's economic circumstances, earning ability, and contributions to the marriage. Prenuptial agreements, if present, can significantly reduce conflict over the division of assets.


Negotiation strategies

Negotiating a fair settlement requires skill and experience. As attorneys, we advocate for our client's best interests, but we also encourage negotiation methods that avoid prolonged litigation. Mediation can be effective in reaching amicable solutions by agreement of the parties, especially in high asset cases where privacy and speed are often priorities.  The parties may also consider using an arbitrator that they choose to decide on the division without waiting for sufficient court hearing dates to maintain or to maintain privacy.


Tax considerations and financial implications

Tax implications of asset division are a critical aspect often overlooked. Decisions made during divorce can have long-lasting financial impacts. Understanding the tax consequences of different settlement options is vital. Additionally, considering the need for spousal support is crucial, especially in high asset cases where income disparities might be significant.


Protecting your interests

To protect your financial interests, detailed documentation and a strategic approach to negotiations are key. Knowledge of common pitfalls and proactive measures can safeguard assets and ensure a fair division. This includes being realistic about asset worth and future financial needs.  Securing life insurance should be a cash property settlement consideration.


Navigating to a fair conclusion

Ultimately, the role of experienced legal counsel cannot be overstated in high asset divorce cases. Patience, thoroughness, and open communication are vital. As attorneys at Dixon & Moseley, P.C., our goal is to guide our clients through this challenging process, aiming for a resolution that is both fair and equitable, allowing both parties to move forward with their live and continue to prosper. To learn more about services offered by Dixon & Moseley, P.C., visit


Dividing Businesses, Investments and Real Property in Divorce (


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